A delicious adventure!

The brand « Filet Bleu » was created in 1920 in Brittany.
From Breton cottages to Parisian apartments, Filet Bleu biscuits, Galettes and Petits Beurre (butter biscuits) have been enjoyed for almost a century.

An industrial saga!

  • In 1919, Henri Friant, a former sailor, and his wife Marie founded a biscuit
    factory in Pont L’Abbé in Brittany
    . In order to pay tribute to Breton sailors
    and the blue fishing nets, the company adopted the name « Biscuiterie du Filet Bleu ».
  • The company thrived and a new plant was established in Quimper in 1930 on the banks
    of the River Odet. In 1950 Filet Bleu became the first industrial biscuit factory
    in Brittany 
    with about 300 employees.
  • In the sixties and seventies living conditions and trade were changing:
    business declined. For the next 20 years several successors tried
    in vain to revive the business.
  • In 1996 the biscuit factory was taken over
    and moved into entirely new premises near Quimper.
    Jean-François Garrec, a local entrepreneur, breathed
    new life to the company. A partnership was built with
    the « Groupement des Mousquetaires » group thereby
    starting a large industrial and commercial venture.
  • Continuous investment in Filet Bleu has meant
    that it is now one of the most modern biscuit
    factories in Europe and the brand « Filet Bleu »
    is known worldwide.