Our commitment as citizens


We follow the National Programme on Nutrition and Health (PNNS) recommendations and have worked on salt reduction in our recipes, the replacement of palm oil with rapeseed oil and specific products enriched with protein or reduced in sugar.

Local life

We contribute to providing many jobs in the surrounding rural area and participate in the life of our region (supporting several local associations). We actively look for partner suppliers in our region where possible.

Commerce responsable

When deciding to work with suppliers we make sure that they respect basic rights such as human rights, childrens’ and minority rights, and so on.

We offer our customers a range of Fair Trade biscuits. In 2005, the Filet Bleu biscuit factory was the first to produce biscuits made from Fair Trade certified ingredients.

Thanks to fairer wages, Fair Trade helps improve the living conditions of small producers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our customers can also choose from a selection of organic biscuits.