Our commitment to the customer

Spirit of partnership

We develop products in line with customer specifications which we establish together.

Our strength lies in our team’s ability to adapt rapidly to a constantly evolving environment.

We are proactive in developing new recipes. Added to this, our packaging department is at our customer’s disposal to design specific shapes of packaging adapted to consumers’ needs.

Our aim is to develop solid and lasting partnerships with our clients.


Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed product safety for our clients has always been a priority for our company: this is why the Filet Bleu production site is IFS V5 (International Food Standard) certified.

The Filet Bleu biscuit factory has established a way of satisfying our customers’ requirements through continuous improvement. This approach has been recognized by the ISO 9001 V8 standard which is renewed every year.

From the reception of raw materials to the shipment of goods, Filet Bleu carries out different checks in order to guarantee food quality and safety in line with our customers’ demands.